Welcome to the Victor Center at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Welcome to the Victor Center at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Victor Center is excited to announce its recent move to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. With a new national office, we plan to maintain and expand upon nation-wide collaborative work of Victor Center in preconception education and access to genetic screening services. Nicklaus Children’s has been a regional affiliate of Victor Center since 2003.

Since it was founded by Lois Victor in 2002, the Victor Center has been offered preconception screening for Jewish genetic diseases. As technology has improved, our ability to screen has increased exponentially. Today, the panel used tests for over 200 conditions, including 50 common among the Ashkenazi Jewish population. Our expanded vision is to promote awareness of screening to all prospective parents, regardless of ethnic background. The Victor Center will be part of Nicklaus Children’s Personalized Medicine Initiative (PMI). The PMI involves developing a comprehensive approach to bring tailored medical care to each individual patient.

Dr. Saima Aftab, Director of the Fetal Care Center at Nicklaus Children’s, will serve as the new Medical Director of Victor Center. Dr. Jennifer McCafferty, Director of the Nicklaus Research Institute and Personalized Medicine Initiative, will serve as the Administrative Director. Debbie Wasserman will serve as Outreach Coordinator and Genetic Counselor. Marilyn Brown will provide operations support.

The full press release can be read here.

Article by: Marilyn Brown