Community Health Awareness Initiative

C.H.A.I Community Health Awareness (Education) Initiative

CHAI is an innovative and compresence program that allows for passionate college students to take initiative as ambassadors of genetic education and adequately educate their campus communities. The need for education regarding Jewish genetic diseases as well as those non-affiliated is pressing and needed for all.


The importance of exploring genetics, educating others, and spreading knowledge is an important pre-cursor for college students to explore before and or during their transition into the real world.

CHAI’s overarching mission is to equip the younger population of the power their DNA holds, creating awareness that allows for the education of others, the learning about themselves, and the creation of a more secure future for the next generation.

Over the course of the year, CHAI ambassadors alongside the Victor Center team have created educational events and cultivated genetic screenings on several college campuses. Spreading awareness and initiating a futuristic change.

Events Highlight

Dr. Roman Usapov educating and enlightened students at the University of Maryland on the field of genetic diseases on their implications on pediatrics and adults alike. Dr. Usapov initiated awareness and urgency regarding the importance of testing and the implications of not knowing the power your genes hold.

Genetic screening events were done on both University of Maryland and Miami campuses. Students had the chance to take a genetic test as well as learn about how valuable their genetic information is. With the partnership of both Iveta testing and The Victor Center team, students took tests, received personal results, and explored their DNA.

Roman Yusupov

Victor Center

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