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Getting screened is easy!  A simple saliva test can tell you if you are a carrier.  The Victor Center currently serves patients with residence in Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, or Massachusetts.  

  • If neither you nor your partner is a carrier for a the SAME Jewish genetic disease, then you are not at increased risk of having an affected child.
  • If only one of you is a carrier for a genetic disease then you are not at risk of having an affected child. However, it’s possible that, just like you, your child could be a carrier for that disease.
  • If you and your partner are both carriers for the same Jewish genetic disease, then there is a 25% chance with each pregnancy of having an affected child.
  • Carrier couples have many options for having healthy children. The Victor Center or a genetic counselor can provide genetic counseling to help you better understand your choices.
  • There are also a few conditions where only the mother needs to carry a mutation for her children to be at risk of developing symptoms.

The Patient Experience:

From the moment an individual or couple requests a screening kit, the Victor Center guides them through the entire process. Our genetic counselor creates a relationship with each patient, personalizing the experience.  The entire process can be completed virtually, from the comforts of home.  

Inquiry → Appointment → Genetic Counseling → Test sent to lab → Delivery of results

From start to finish, most patients will be seen (in person or virtually) within 1 week of the initial inquiry. Results are then delivered within approximately 2-3 weeks of the genetic counseling appointment. Patients have the option of receiving results in person or by phone or video conference.

After the results are reported and if a carrier couple has been identified, our team helps patients to navigate the next steps for family planning.

Planning for a healthy pregnancy and baby starts with carrier screening. The Gift of Screening program is a perfect wedding gift, college graduation gift or birthday present for you, a family member or friend. Your gift will cover the cost of testing so the recipient does not have any out of pocket expenses associated with the screening. Health Insurance is not required for the individual to be screened.