Screen in Quarantine

The Victor Center is  pleased to continue offering a full range of screening and counseling services – all from a safe social distance!

What better time to take this important action toward the health of future generations?

We invite you or your loved ones to Screen in Quarantine!  
How does it work?

The Victor Center Patient Experience remains largely the same, with small adjustments to make it easier for you to access screening and counseling.  From the moment an individual or couple requests a screening kit, the Victor Center guides them through the entire process. Our genetic counselor creates a relationship with each patient, personalizing the experience.

Inquiry → Appointment → VIRTUAL Genetic Counseling → Test at home → Delivery of results
Step 1: Make an inquiry by phone to 786-897-9587, email, or online at

Step 2: Set an appointment for a phone or video conference.

Step 3: Enjoy a personalized counseling session from the comforts of home.

Step 4: Complete the test (mailed directly from the lab) and return it via FedEx Pickup – a no contact solution.

Step 5: The counselor calls you to deliver results and guide you in the next steps.

From start to finish, most patients will be seen within 1 week of the initial inquiry. Results are then delivered within approximately 2-3 weeks of the genetic counseling appointment.  After the results are reported, and if a carrier couple has been identified, our team helps patients to navigate the next steps for family planning.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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