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University of South Carolina Partners with Victor Center to Reach Local Jewish Community

Janice Edwards, Professor and Director of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine’s Genetic Counseling Program, first experienced work with Jewish genetic disease screening in 1983, when the local Jewish Community Center hosted a Tay-Sachs screening. Her professional focus has for years been on prenatal and preconception genetic health, and over the last year, she partnered with the Einstein Victor Center and the Columbia Jewish community to lead a successful education initiative on Jewish genetic diseases. Ms. Edwards was the keynote presenter at the 2015 Victor Center Advisory Committee Annual Meeting, and shortly thereafter she connected with Lilly Filler, MD, a retired OB/GYN and one of the Columbia Jewish community’s most prominent lay leaders. Ms. Edwards noted how helpful it was to work with “a physician ambassador with both community connections and medical expertise” to accomplish their program goals. In the summer of 2015, Edwards connected with the leadership of ...

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