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Happy Hanukkah from the Victor Center Family! The Victor Center has been a longtime leader in the prevention of Jewish Genetic Diseases since its inception in 2002 by Lois Victor. Mrs. Victor had two daughters die of a Jewish Genetic Disease before testing became available. Statistically 1 in 2 individuals of Ashkenazi Jewish descent are carriers for at least 1 of 200 different genetic diseases. Despite the achievements in disseminating knowledge on Jewish Genetic Diseases, the availability of carrier testing and community based programs have not kept pace with scientific advances and are not available in many places. The National Victor Center has the ability to offer services state-wide, national and potentially international. Donor funds allow Victor Center to offer pre-conception screenings for Ashkenazi Jewish Genetic Diseases (AJGD) and raise awareness about the importance of genetic screening and empowering young adults to make ...

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