Danielle’s Story

Knowledge into Action

Danielle knew her carrier status long before she was married or thought about having a baby. Screened at a campus event while still in college, the results of her test were anything but academic. “I was surprised to learn I was carrying a disease that I knew nothing about,” Danielle says. After reviewing the Information provided by a genetic counselor, she “noted all of this in the back of my mind, knowing it would become relevant to me in the future.

Learning she was a carrier for a Jewish genetic disease had an unexpected effect on Danielle. “It awakened an interest in me becoming an advocate for Jewish genetic disease testing,” she says. Putting her knowledge into action, Danielle now urges her friends to get screened and reminds them about the importance of knowing their genetic makeup. “Just like your family history, it shapes your identity,” she says. Today, Danielle and husband Michael are creating their own family history with the addition of son, Avi.

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